Info, Rules and Basic Instructions 2015


  1. Weekend Warriors (Open), Keikis and First timers Leash is required.
  2. Elite’s leash is recommended.
  3. Class quorum requirement 8 participants Male / 5 Female (The organizer has the right to lower or eliminate the Quorum requirement).
  4. Pre- Registered participants will have a guaranteed rash guard shirt.
  5. All participants must wear the electronic chip at their leg to be able to be registered at the goal. You are responsible for the chip assign and you need to return after the race.  The participant will be responsible of paying the cost of the chip if lost.
  6. Online Inscriptions will be closed on July 8, 2015.
  7. Pre-Registration on July 10th between 7:00-9:00pm Francachella’s  Restaurant, Aguadilla .
  8. Beach registration will have a surcharge of $10.00 (pre-register and save).
  9. Any protest must be filed at the registration tent no later than 20 minutes after the competitor has finished a race. Protests will be decided by the Competition Committee through first-hand information, as well as any photographic, video evidence or any other evidence.
  10. Elite’s class Beach Start (sand) / Open and other class may have Beach or Water Start.
  11. AmateurSUP and all sponsors have the right to use photos and videos of all participants at the event for promotional purposes.
  12. Is required that All participants sign a liability release form at the registration tent (required).
  13. The event can be cancelled or postponed at any moment by the organization due to weather, government agency and any other situation not under the control of AtrumOrbis inc dba AmateurSUP.
  14. Race order: Kids Race, First Timers, Open, Elites (groups may be divided by sex or surf type / quorum requirement).
  15. Beach Registration and Pre-Registered check in (number and chip): 7:30AM – 8:30 AM (sharp).
  16. No Unlimited class or Prone.
  17. Entry fees will not be refunded due to absence, disqualification or withdrawal from the event.
  18. Routes may change the day of the event (weather conditions).
  19. Drafting is allowed, except: Not allowed out gender or different board (example: Male drafting a Woman or 12’6″ drafting a 14′); same class and same gender drafting are no regulated. Competitor may be disqualified for drafting any water-motorized craft on the race course.
  20. You Must Be Standing: If you fall or safety reasons you will have 5 strokes to get back on your feet and stand up. This rule is in effect so a paddler does not achieve an advantage by not standing up. If You Elect To Knee Paddle For Any Other Reason Than A Fall, You Will Be DISQUALIFIED.
  21. If you need help please make a sign to other competitors or any of the escort’s boats/jetsky you’re your paddle (waive your paddle in the air).
  22. A competitor will be disqualified if they do not turn around a buoy.
  23. Competitors must leave the course and finish area immediately after they complete their race and must not impede any competitors.
  24. Any competitor who behaves in an excessively aggressive way through their conduct or speech towards the competition officials, other competitors, sponsors or spectators, may be disqualified from the event.
  25. Cash Price* (Sponsor: Municipio de Aguadilla)/ Elite 12’6″ (male and female): 1st place $500.00 / 2nd place $300.00 / 3rd place $100.00 / 4rd place $50.00
  26. Cash Price* (Sponsor: Municipio de Aguadilla) / Elite 14′ (Unisex): 1st place $500.00 / 2nd place $300.00 / 3rd place $100.00 / 4rd place $50.00
  27. Other prizes and raffle prizes will be announced online prior and/or at the event.
  28. Please take your trash from the beach, do not dispose trash at the sand; use a trash bag (if you do not have one, ask at the registration tent for a free bag).
  29. Itinerary:

July 10, 2015

7:00-9:00pm             Pre-Registration and Pasta Party at Francachella’s Restaurant Aguadilla

July 11, 2015

7:30-8:30am             Beach Registration and Pre-registered check in at the beach

9:00am                    Event Start

3:00pm                    Prizes

7:00pm-12:00am       After party at Francachella’s Rest. & Boca Loca (Marina Real Apartments)